Prize Money

Top Teacher Awards

1st $7,000.
2nd $5,000.
3rd $3,000.
4th $2,000.
5th $1,800.
6th $1,600.
7th $1,400.
8th $1,200.
9th $1,000.
10th $800

To qualify you must have a minimum of 50 Pro/Am entries for this unisex competition and be on a package. Package qualification will be waived if you have a minimum 125 Pro/Am entries. Entries received at the event will not count towards top teacher.

Scholarship Prize Money

Scholarship Prize Money will be awarded for the following divisions.

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Single, two or three dance entries:

1st place 8 points
2nd place 7 points
3rd place 6 point
4th place 5 points
5th place 4 points
6th place 3 points
7th place 2 point
8th place 1 points

5 point for each call back

Multi – 4 or 5 dance entries:

1st place 16 points
2nd place 14 points
3rd place 12 point
4th place 10 points
5th place 8 points
6th place 6 points
7th place 4 point
8th place 2 points

8 point for each call back

*If a placement is in an uncontested division, the points remain the same.


Pro/Am who pay a reduced fee will receive 1/2 the points as described above.

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