Final Schedule of Events

Session 1 – Wednesday Matinee, December 06, 2017

American Rhythm Closed & Open Single Dances
8:30AMHeat 1 – Heat 67
10:40AMHeat 68 – Heat 117
12:55PMHeat 118 – Heat 163
2:15PMHeat 164 – Heat 218
4:05PMHeat 219 – Heat 264
5:30PMEnd of Session


Session 2 – Wednesday Evening, December 06, 2017

6:30PMPro/Am Closed Bronze American Rhythm Championship
6:45PMPro/Am Senior 2 American Rhythm Championship
7:00PMAmateur American Rhythm
7:25PMPro/Am Closed Bronze American Rhythm Scholarship
7:35PMPro/Am Senior 2 American Rhythm Scholarship
8:10PMBest of the Best Qualifier Pro-Am 9 Dance – Rhythm
8:40PMPro/Am Senior 1 American Rhythm Championship
8:50PMPro/Am Closed Silver American Rhythm Championship
8:55PMDanceSport Series Pro/Am American Rhythm Championship
9:45PMPro/Am Senior 1 American Rhythm Scholarship
9:55PMPro/Am Closed Silver American Rhythm Scholarship
10:00PMPro/Am Open American Rhythm Scholarship
11:05PMEnd of Session


Session 3 – Thursday Matinee, December 07, 2017

American Smooth Closed & Open Single Dances
9:00AMHeat 295 – Heat 330
10:30AMHeat 331 – Heat 363
12:20PMHeat 364 – Heat 415
2:15PMHeat 416 – Heat 441
3:30PMHeat 446 – Heat 478
4:45PMSolo Exhibitions 1 – 2
5:00PMEnd of Session


Session 4 – Thursday Evening, December 07, 2017

6:00PMPro/Am Closed Bronze American Smooth Championship
6:10PMPro/Am Senior 2 American Smooth Championship
7:00PMPro/Am Closed Bronze American Smooth Scholarships
7:10PMPro/Am Senior 2 American Smooth Scholarship
8:00PMBest of the Best Qualifier Pro-Am 9 Dance – Smooth
8:35PMPro/Am Senior 1 American Smooth Championship
8:45PMPro/Am Closed Silver American Smooth Championships
9:30PMDanceSport Series Pro/Am American Smooth Championship
10:15PMPro/Am Closed Silver American Smooth Scholarships
10:45PMPro/Am Senior 1 American Smooth Scholarship
10:55PMPro/Am Open American Smooth Scholarships
11:45PMEnd of Session


Session 5 – Friday Matinee, December 08, 2017

International Latin Closed & Open Single Dances
7:00AMHeat 511 – Heat 545
8:10AMHeat 546 – Heat 590
9:30AMHeat 591 – Heat 615
10:35AMHeat 616 – Heat 630
11:20AMHeat 631 – Heat 648
12:20PMPro/Am Closed Bronze International Latin Championships
12:40PMPro/Am Senior 2 International Latin Championship
12:50PMBest of the Best Qualifier Pro-Am Bronze 10 Dance – Latin
12:55PMPro/Am Closed Bronze International Latin Scholarship
1:10PMPro/Am PT & Junior International Latin Championships
1:20PMPro/Am Senior 2 International Latin Scholarship
1:45PMPro/Am Closed Silver International Latin Championships
2:00PMPro/Am Senior 1 International Latin Championship
2:30PMBest of the Best Qualifier Pro-Am Silver 10 Dance – Latin
2:55PMPro/Am Closed Silver International Latin Scholarships
3:05PMPro/Am Senior 1 International Latin Scholarships
4:05PMDanceSport Series Pro/Am International Latin Championship
5:20PMPro/Am Open International Latin Scholarship
6:40PMAmateur Adult International Ballroom Novice & Pre-champ
6:45PMAmateur Adult International Ballroom Championship B & C
7:10PMEnd of Session


Session 6 – Friday Evening, December 08, 2017

8:30PMProfessional Rising Star American Rhythm
8:50PMAmateur Adult International Ballroom Championship – A
9:30PMProfessional Rising Star International Ballroom
10:15PMProfessional Rising Star American Smooth
11:00PMProfessional Rising Star International Latin
11:30PMEnd of Session


Session 7 – Saturday Matinee, December 09, 2017

9:00AMSolo Exhibitions & Formations
International Ballroom single dances
Newcomer thru Open Bronze levels
10:20AMHeat 686 – Heat 735
11:45AMPro/Am Closed Bronze International Ballroom Championships
12:15PMBest of the Best Qualifier Pro-Am Bronze 10 Dance – Ballroom
12:45PMPro/Am Closed Bronze International Ballroom Scholarship
1:20PMAmateur Adult American Smooth
1:25PMPT & Youth Amateur Novice American Smooth
2:05PMPT, JR & YA Amateur International Ballroom
3:25PMAdult Amateur International Latin
3:40PMPT, JR & YA International Latin single dances
3:50PMPT Novice Amateur American Rhythm
4:00PMPT, JR & YA International Latin single dances
5:00PMPT, JR & YA International Latin, Novice, Pre-Champ & Champ
6:30PMEnd of Session


Session 8 – Saturday Evening, December 09, 2017

8:00PMProfessional American Rhythm Championship
8:10PMAmateur Adult International Latin Championship – A
9:35PMProfessional International Ballroom Championship
9:45PMProfessional Exhibition/Cabaret Competition
10:20PMProfessional Show featuring some cool, crazy professional numbers followed by
our special Judges Presentation.


Session 9 – Sunday Matinee, December 10, 2017

International Ballroom Single Dances Silver & Gold levels
10:00AMHeat 825 – Heat 874
11:35AMHeat 875 – Heat 929
1:35PMPro/Am Closed Silver International Ballroom Championships
1:45PMPro/Am Senior 2 International Ballroom Championship
2:05PMBest of the Best Qualifier Pro-Am Silver 10 Dance – Ballroom
2:10PMPro/Am Senior 1 International Ballroom Championship
2:25PMDanceSport Series Pro/Am International Ballroom Championships
3:35PMPro/Am Senior 2 International Ballroom Scholarship
3:40PMPro/Am Closed Silver International Ballroom Scholarship
4:00PMPro/Am Senior 1 International Ballroom Scholarship
4:15PMPro/Am Open International Ballroom Scholarships
5:35PM End of Session


Session 10 – Sunday Evening, December 10, 2017

8:30PMProfessional American Smooth Championship
8:45PMStudent Dancesport Series Awards
9:25PMProfessional International Latin Championship
10:00PMTop Awards
\Fabulous new show by Brooklyn Dancesport featuring
Eugene, Maria, Marat, Alina


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